1967 Chevy Camaro Pork Chop 1:18

Here it is! Pork Chops '67 Chevrolet Camaro die-cast muscle car in two-tone metallic grey and flat black with a black interior from GMP diecast! It has a magnetic removable hood, opening doors and trunk, and working steering. The engine compartment is detailed to the max from the fuel injection stacks to the braided lines, GMP has done it again. Inside the camaro you'll find a fully triangulated roll cage and an aluminum dash. The seats are black and grey and they are complimented nicely by the red harnesses. The fuel cell in the trunk looks great and even has the anodized fittings on the lines. 1 of 1000! Read the story below:

PC and Buddy are at it again. This Camaro got a special treatment thanks to a card game PC won. You'll have to get one for the whole story but heres a little taste... I wuz sitin at the Dew Drop Inn, nursin a frosty-cold one and making moon eyes at Mae-Ella Teague when I heard ole Uncle Pork (also known as PC) Cackling like a hen at the card table where he wuz playin some Texas holdem with Jessie, Uncle Lanks friend. I turned and saw Ole PC grinning ear to ear like a mule eatin briars thru a barbed wire fence! “Read em and weep Jessie, said uncle Pork, 4 Kings and they aint in my back neither”.

Well Old Jessie was silent for the first time in his entire life.(He once talked non-stop for 8 days straight-but that's another story) Anyway, this hand must of been real interseting because the grub steak in this one was way more than the usual 25 cents. Jessie looked plum flummoxed. Heck, he looked like I must have when I drank that shot of Castor Oil on a dare… Well he said “Pork, I aint quite got all I owe… ....I wuz bluffin with this here hand” Now there on the table was a sizeble amount of money, but Uncle Pork was never interested in money. He had plenty buried in them mason jars around the farm. But a bet was a bet and Jessie and Pork both knew it. Jessie also knew he'd have to settle up, or Uncle Pork would never let him forget it, so Jessie thought for a bit then said “stop by my place tomorrow and we'll settle this here bet”. Order one today and hear the rest of this awesome build up!!

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