Pork Chop Night Before Nova 1:18

1:18 scale diecast car from GMP diecast. This is Pork Chop's "Night Before" Nova. Possibly one of the coolest diecast models around! Realistically weathered, this Nova comes with a weathered trailer with removable ramps and tire rack, a scale tarp with bungee cords, tie downs for the trailer and car, a box of parts including blower, carbs, exhaust, radiator, and much more.

The Nova has a replaced door and mismatched wheels, a hood that is off the car in black, simulated rust, oil stains, dirt, grease on the engine, corrosion on the battery terminals, and even a rag stuck in the intake!

There’s a story to the PC Nova…. It started the night before. Buddy had come up against a car that he couldn’t’ beat so he and Pork Chop vowed to build something that would smoke everybody in Pine Sap! The next day, Pork Chop hooked up to the old red trailer and headed off for a few weeks of hitting the swap meets, hoping to find just the right car. He hadn’t gotten far at all, down the endless miles of Kudzu, when he noticed that some of the Kudzu looked strange.

PC slowed down just in time to see something shiny stickin’ out from under all them green leaves. He stopped in the first driveway he came to and there to his amazement was Crazy Ben. Ben was long known for his crazy cars and outlandish antics around town but PC hadn’t seen him in years. Come to find out, ole Crazy Ben had owned a junk yard years back, and just got tired of all them people coming by interrupting his naps wanting to buy cars and parts and stuff so he closed the place down.

After a little chat and a few sips, Ben agreed to let PC check out that shiny bit of chrome under the kudzu. Despite years of sitting, PC was amazed to find a straight ole Nova. One door had been replaced, the wheels didn’t match and the trunk was stuck shut, but it was the perfect car for he and Buddy! Well, Ben agreed to let PC buy the car. $500 was what it took, and PC had it on the trailer in the wink of an eye. He was headin back to Pine Sap with a big ole smile on his face in no time.

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