1967 Chevrolet Camaro "Grumpy's Toy" 1:18

1967 "Grumpy's Toy" Chevrolet Camaro A/MP 1:18 scale diecast cars from Ertl manufactured for Diecast Muscle Cars. These diecast cars feature opening hood, doors, and trunk and details almost as impressive as the car's history!

From Diecast Muscle Cars: Before the Pro Stock class even existed, there was Bill Jenkins. 1967 A/MP Camaro. Built for the '68 season from Jenkins. .67 SS/C Nationals winning car, it was powered by a Tunnel Ram equipped L/88 427. The A/MP Camaro was a close predecessor to the first Pro Stock cars. Pro Stock debuted in 1970, and it was basically the A/MP class with minor revisions. Pro Stock would become extremely popular, and would define Jenkins. extensive career in drag racing.This milestone car was unique among the Grumpy's Toys for the following reasons:

- First car supplied to Jenkins by Chevrolet

- Reportedly it was the first L78 (396/375) Camaro off the assembly line

- First of 8 Grumpy's Camaros

- First fitted with Cragar wheels

- First powered by a big block Chevy

- First Chevy Grump drove to a national event win

- First fitted with a larger than stock displacement engine

- First to be fitted with a Tunnel Ram intake manifold

- First with 2 carburetors

- First car on which the famous .Grump Hump. appeared

- First to run in the 10s

- First to wheelie

- In A/MP trim, it was essentially an early Pro Stock car

-Jenkins first Pro Stock Camaro was very similar to the A/MP Camaro

On the box you will find the Grump's own comments about his car!

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