1987 Ford Mustang Pork Chop LX Coupe 1:18

Pork Chops 1987 Ford Mustang LX Coupe 1:18 scale die-cast drag car by GMP in blue and white with a grey and black interior. Features a supercharged 390, opening doors, hood, and trunk. Also has movable steering, a roll cage, a monster tach on the dash, police spot light, and a cowl induction hood that has been cut out for those dual quads. This is the third release in the Pork Chop series. Read the story below:

On a hot August Georgia evening, an old friend stopped by Pork Chop's Hot Rod shop. It was more than just an old friend paying Pork Chop a visit. Buford Coultrane, an Ex- Georgia State Patrol Officer, used to take a special interest in chasing PC in his hopped up creations up and down the roads of Pine Sap. The relationship was more than just “the law” and a law-breaker. On Saturday nights the two adversaries would meet at the local drag strip where PC and Officer Coultrane raced together.

They had an understanding, which turned into a solid friendship over the years. Even though they were friends PC always called Buford, Officer Coultrane or O.C. When Buford was ready to retire he had heard that his patrol unit was also retiring his beloved 5.0 Mustang pursuit vehicle. He made arrangements to purchase the ‘ole 5.0 Mustang. Buford, eh, O.C., sat down with Pork Chop and formulated a plan to build the most heinous Mustang that Pine Sap has ever experienced.

The end results were just plain scary! The 302 was replaced by a stought 390 topped with a supercharger and dual quads! Exhaust gasses were belched out through full-length headers with dumps and humongous slicks harnessed the power! Get your replica of this legendary ex police car which features opening doors, hood, trunk, functional steering and awesome detailing throughout.

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