1934 Ford Coupe Pork Chop 1:18

Pork Chops 1934 Ford altered coupe by GMP diecast in black with flames. This diecast car is beautiful and has more detail than we can list. The first thing that catches your eye is that massive 392 c.i.d. Hemi that is left exposed for the world to see. It has chrome valve covers, spark plug wires, and the scoop is painted to match the body. The exhaust even has even been blued. This coupe has a mean stance too as the body has been chopped and channeled. The windows are riveted in place and the roof panel is removable. It even has suicide doors with real working latches!!!! The chrome grill and front axle really stand out and if you look closely, you'll see the brake lines going to the right place.

This coupe has the skiny tires in the front along with drag slicks in the back that show a little sign of wear. Move to the interior and you have to question who would be brave enough to even start this coupe up. The drivers seat is right next to the transmission and the driveshaft could easily eat anything nearby. If that doesn't get you, then the fuel tank mounted right beside the driver surely will. The only safety feature on the entire diecast is a fire extinguisher near the drivers seat. Other than that, safety and comfort were thrown out the door in favor of pure, raw performance! This GMP diecast is a true work of art! 1 of 1000!

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