1936 Ford Impression Chip Foose Raw Metal 1:20

1936 Ford "Impression" 1:20 scale diecast car from RC2 and Chip Foose in Raw Metal (no paint) with Champagne interior and top. This diecast car features opening hood, doors, and trunk and represents one of Chip Foose's latest creations.

The Impression won both the Ridler and AMBR (America’s most beautiful roadster) awards as redefined hotrods, and set new standards in custom building. Chip and his team at Foose Design hand-crafted every panel on the car, keeping the design language fluid throughout the vehicle. Every part on the car was designed to be one-of-a-kind and integral to the design from the engine to the brake calipers, from the seats to the headlights - nothing on this ride was left untouched.

Watch Chip Foose comment on these diecast cars:

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