1966 Ford Fairlane SOHC drag car 1:18

1966 Ford Fairlane SOHC Street Machine drag car 1:18 scale diecast cars from GMP diecast in Tungsten gray with a black interior. These diecast cars feature opening doors and trunk, roll up front windows that work with the actual window crank, SOHC supercharged 427, C6 4-speed transmission, a 9" rear end, removable rear parachute and license plate, full roll cage that extends to the trunk...

...racing seats with harnesses, fuel cell in the trunk, drag tires and drag star wheels, fat slicks out back with skinny tires up front. The motor is fully wired and plumbed with headers that open up under the car. This is THE ultimate drag Fairlane diecast car offered by the best diecast manufacturer...GMP diecast! 1 of 1250!

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