1967 Plymouth Satellite Hemi 1:18

1967 Plymouth Satellite Hemi 1:18 scale diecast model by Highway 61 in black with a silver stripe below the door and a black interior. Model features opening hood, doors, and trunk as well as fully functional steering, folding and sliding seats, rotating driveshaft, opening glove box, mopar overspray, and working suspension. Even the hood, doors, and glove box have real spring loaded action!

Plymouth’s Belevedere series of 1967 offered something for everybody: affordable luxury in the Belvedere I and II, performance in the GTX, and a combination of both in the Satellite. Besides cosmetic changes, the major difference between the three was the powerplant. Unlike the Belvedere that offered both the straight-six and V8 engines, the Satellite only offered the V8 powerplant as standard. From the baseline 273ci, to the “Super Commando” 383ci with either 2-bbl. or 4-bbl. carburetion, all the way to the optional 426ci Hemi, the Satellite offered a more muscular and sporty alternative to the Belvedere, and a more economical alternative to the GTX.

Available in either 2-door hardtop or sporty convertible, the Satellite bypassed the Belevedere’s bench front seats and offered standard bucket seats, with either a sporty center console or a combination fold-down armrest/center seat. Either a three-speed manual, a four-speed manual, or TorqueFlite three-speed automatic transmission, “the most copied automatic in the business”, as Plymouth claimed, were available. Tinted glass, an “energy-absorbing” crash-safe steering column, a comfortably- upholstered attractive interior, power steering, power brakes with dual master cylinders, and power windows offered driver and passengers comfort and safety. The Satellite used the line’s standard suspension, but offered a beefed-up suspension borrowed from the GTX for the Hemi option. Far from being disregarded as a “middle child” of the Belvedere line, the Satellite could stand, and run, on it’s own merits.

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