1968 Plymouth Barracuda S 1:18

1968 Plymouth Barracuda S 1:18 scale diecast model by Highway 61 in Electric Blue with a white and black interior. Model features opening hood, doors, and trunk as well as fully functional steering, folding and sliding seats, rotating driveshaft, opening glove box, and working suspension. Even the hood, doors, and glove box have real spring loaded action! This Barracuda even has the Mopar overspray!

In 1967, the second generation of the Plymouth Barracuda (spanning the years 1967-1969) was introduced. Unlike earlier models, this new generation shared little with the Valiant and other A-body designs. Developed in response to meteoric Ponycar sales, the Barracuda was now available in fastback, notchback and convertible versions. The 1968 model received a cleaner grille and tail light assembly, along with new DOT- required side marker lights and dash mounted VIN number.

The Barracuda redesign featured an enlarged engine bay to fit the big block Super Commando 383 4-bbl or 426 Hemi (available in the 1968 stripped-down, drag race package only), and all-new Commando 340 4- bbl. The high-performance Formula S model included dual exhausts with chrome tips, heavy-duty suspension with front anti-sway bar, and E70-14 Red Streak wide tires. A black rear deck appliqué, Formula ‘S’ medallion and blacked-out front grille completed the popular package. Overall, this was one “Bad Fish” as Barracuda owners proudly refer to their cars.

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