1966 Dodge Charger Chase Car 1:18

1966 Dodge Charger 1:18 scale diecast chase cars from Ertl American Muscle Authentics series in black with a black interior. These diecast cars feature opening hoods, doors, and trunk as well as working suspension, movable headlights, rotating driveshaft, posable steering, folding and sliding front seats, folding rear seats and center console, folding rear truck access panel, retractable antenna, and more! The different colored interior and wheels make this the chase car version.

From Ertl - Combining the simplicity and comfort of a contemporary sedan with the bold muscular design, high performance and handling of a modern-day sports car, the all-new Dodge Charger was unleashed on the racetracks and streets of America midway through 2005. Although the car itself was new, the name that was bestowed upon it has been a legend among Mopar lore for 40 years.

Introduced in the fall of 1965, the 1966 Dodge Charger quickly established itself as an icon of the muscle car era, heralded as the new leader of the Dodge Rebellion. Even though the first generation Dodge Charger wasn't a huge sales success, it has since won over the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Mopar enthusiasts around the world, enthusiasts that will unquestionably fall in love with RC2's high- detail 1:18-scale Authentics 1966 Dodge Charger at first sight, and rightfully so. Even the most casual collectors will appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that went into this model.

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