1969 Dodge Dart GTS Mod Top 1:18

1969 Dodge Dart GTS Mod Top 1:18 scale diecast car from Highway 61 in Bright Green with a white stripe, floral mod top, and a black interior. This diecast car features opening hood, doors, and trunk, 383 V-8, movable vent windows, working driveshaft, movable steering, dogdish hub caps, and much more.

From Highway 61 - How do you top the bestselling compact car of 1968, the Dodge Dart?

With the '69 Dart line, naturally. And Dodge didn't disappoint. Offering no less than six engine packages from an economical 170 slant-six to the muscular 383 V8, Dodge delivered something for everybody, from the base model Swinger to the top-of-the-line GTS.

The Swinger 340 was the lowest-priced high-performance Dodge in '69, and the 340 4-bbl. V8 delivering 275 hp with Rallye Suspension, wide tread tires, and Firm Ride shocks certainly delivered performance bang for the buck. Inside, standard bench seats and the optional TorqueFlite automatic transmission offered a comfortable ride. Dodge loaded the performance-oriented GTS with either the standard 340 V8 or the optional 383 Magnum 4-bbl. V8, both with dual exhausts. The heavy-duty Rallye Suspension, Firm Ride shocks, and Red Line wide tread tires completed the package, and a sporty and stylish interior featured an optional 4-speed manual Hurst shifter in a center console between standard bucket seats. Both the Swinger 340 and GTS proudly wore the distinctive "bumblebee stripes" to claim their places of honor in the Dodge Scat Pack.

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