1970 Plymouth Superbird 1:18

1970 Plymouth Superbird 1:18 scale diecast car from Ertl American Muscle in Fire Blue with a black interior, black Plymouth lettering, and the Road Runner Logos. This diecast car features opening hood, doors, and trunk along with steerable tires, folding seats, a 440, , and a black vinyl top. 1 of 2500!

From Ertl: In 1970 Plymouth introduced the Superbird. It shared many comparisons in design to the Dodge Daytona. The Superbird was based on the Plymouth Road Runner except for the unique airfoil and nose configuration. The rear spoiler on the Superbird was higher and more angled than the Daytona's. The trademark over size rear spoiler was mainly for styling but it did allow better access to the trunk but at speeds under 90 mph, the wing was essentially useless. Since production lasted only one year total build quantities were 1920 cars. The rarest for these birds is the Hemi equipment version as only 93 were built. 1,162 were equipped with the 440 and single four-barrel carburetor. 665 versions were built with the 440 Six Pack. Some of the reasons for the low production figures were the controversial oversized wing and angular nose. Also, the cartoon characters and 'beep-beep' horn were 'love-or-hate'. The Superbirds performance was undisputed and the top speed was without equal.

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