2006 Ford Mustang Chip Foose 1:20

2006 Ford Mustang 1:20 scale diecast car from Chip Foose and RC2 / Johnny Lightning Full Throttle in Pewter with black stripes and a black interior from the hit tv show "Overhaulin". Model features opening hood, doors, and trunk, black Foose wheels, oversized rotors, two-tone seats, subs in the trunk, and more!

If you caught this episode of Overhaulin, you got to see Chip Foose transform this new stock Mustang into a show stopper in a little over a week. From the subtle but aggressive stripes on the hood to the boomin' sound system in the trunk, this Mustang put a smile on the owners face as soon as she saw what Foose had done. Now you can have one of your own with this diecast car!

Watch Chip Foose comment on these diecast cars:

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