Chip Foose Hemisfear 1:20

Diecast Cars - Here it is, the most anticipated custom car ever produced...the Chip Foose Hemisfear 1:20 scale diecast car from JL Full Throttle in lime green with a black and orange interior, opening hood, doors, and engine bay cover, chrome Chip Foose wheels, dual exhaust, a wired Hemi engine accented in orange right behind the passenger compartment. This car was a smash hit from the moment that Foose Design uncovered it and you can see why. A brand new mid engined American Hot Rod doesn't show up every day and this diecast car is no different.

JL Full Throttle Foose Design offers the collector and casual die-cast collector a premium line of die-cast from world-famous custom car designer Chip Foose, star of TLC's popular TV series, OverHaulin'. Chip has worked closely with JL designers to bring these award-winning custom creations to life..in die-cast.

Oversized hybrid collector scale. Authentic Foose Design wheels, paint and styling. Opening engine hoods, tailgates and doors. Highly-detailed interiors and engine bays--just the way Chip Foose creates them with all the hot accessories!

Watch Chip Foose comment on these diecast cars:

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